Thank you for visiting our website. We hope in reading it you will get a good sense of who we are and feel our genuine desire to help people explore their stories, understand themselves and live a more meaningful life.

Our Therapists are highly competent, compassionate, genuine, and accepting individuals who feel it a privilege to accompany you on your journey of growth. Our collective expertise covers a broad range. 


Our Office is located in a quaint cottage home in the beautiful small town of SierraMadre. Though within Los Angeles County, we offer a quiet respite in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Our window looks out onto a peaceful garden setting. Its serene atmosphere reflects the mood of safety and tranquility, which we desire to offer our clients.




A Meaningful Story.

Everyone has a personal life story. We want to hear yours and help provide a structure of understanding that can empower you to heal and grow.

An Authentic Self. 

Our aim is that you understand your life experiences in relation to the parts that make up who you are so that you can live an authentic and vital life.  

A Fulfilling Life. 

We believe that by working together you are empowered to engage your life in increasingly more meaningful ways. Your person becomes infused with a greater sense of purpose and vision. Your life begins to thrive.  

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